Big Boost releases F-Series N55 stage 3 turbo upgrade. n55 turbo upgrade

Big boost releases a N55 stage 3 turbo upgrade

What comes with the kit?

– Cast exhaust manifold
– Master Power 6159 turbocharger (7-Blade billet aluminum compressor wheel)
– Wastegate mount
– Turbo to intercooler charge pipe
– BOV mount
– Turbocharger inlet pipe
– Big Boost down-pipe
– Custom coolant pipe
– Engine block coolant adapter
– Intercooler inlet adapter
– Oil lines
Our different stages:

(Reasonable boost level)

Stg 3.1 (5459) capable of 470 whp
Stg 3.2 (5959) capable of 520 whp
Stg 3.3 (6159) capable of 620 whp

Unleash the power with the Big Boost n55 stage 3 turbo upgrade


N55 exhaust manifold with turbine housing and e-chassis downpipe

N55 stage 3 turbo upgrade exhaust manifold

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