Customers cars and builds

Ricardo's 135i N55

This 2013 135i is equipped with the highest quality performance upgrades available on the market, beginning with our Stage 3.4 turbo kit which is boosting this car around! 

The mod list:

  • SSP Clutches
  • PDU Port Injection 
  • JB4
  • MHD Custom Tune
  • BigBoost Stage 3.4 turbo with external wastegate
  • Toyo R888Rs
  • PR Ignition kit
  • WMI Kit 
  • Injen Intake
  • Fuel-It! Stage 3 LPFP

Alexis' 335i Fully Built N55

Man if there’s a N55 you should be afraid of this is definitely it! Alexis as the parent of this Build took his baby to ABR Houston and they did a full build on his engine, ported head, closed deck block, an amazing build which is accompanied with our Stage 3.4 turbo which will soon be boosting this 335i to setting some records! 

Max's Colorful 135i E82 N55

As a professional detailer, Max has this beautiful and powerful 135i, he’s running a BigBoost Stage 3.4 turbo, which hasn’t been unleashed completely yet due to some inconsistencies with his tune! However he will be running full power soon!

Ahmed's Fully Built M2

I personally think this is one of the most complete builds I’ve ever seen, all from suspension, wheels, engine and safety equipment, this car is such an amazing build, running low 7s in the 100-200 on 93 octane and 13 psi of boost. Ahmed surely hasn’t hesitated to do this car unique with all the mods!

BigBoost Stage 3.4 turbo

Forged rods and pistons

SSP clutches


Stage 3 LPFP Fuel-It!

Direct port meth

EOS Manifold with 950cc injectors 

BM3 custom tune

Cameron's 335ix

Cameron has one of the first stage 3 turbo E series N55 builds ever, with the help of TPG Tuning they made our kit fit the E Series Xdrive 335i e90. He made 480/480 on a mustang dyno which reads about 10% less than our DynoJet, so it’s definitely a beast! 

Juan's M235i

Yep, the first ever BigBoosted N55, still running strong after all the abuse it’s gone through these 3 years of testing at the track and daily driving!

It’s equipped with all they toys available out there!

  • BigBoost Stage 3.3
  • Fuel-It! V1 Port Injection
  • Fuel-It! Stage 3 LPFP
  • Active Autowerke Intercooler
  • BootMod3 custom tune

Gabriel's M235i

After going through various turbo upgrades, this BMW M235i owner decided to go the stage 3 route, being equipped with a stage 3.2 turbo, water meth injection and a JB4 it’s putting down 476 WHP/500 WTQ on pump 91 with the meth injection disabled. He ran 1/4 mile of 12.0 with 2.1 60 ft on dragy @3000ft elevation

Edwin's M235i

This M235i from Puerto Rico has been around since August 2018 beating the competition on our stage 3.3 turbo and BM3 custom tune! It’s also equipped with a PI from Fuel-It and their stage 2 lpfp! He’s putting down 526 WHP on E30 mix at 18-19 psi!

Joey's 135i E82

This Texan 135i opted for the stage 3.4 turbo after maxing out a Stage 2 turbo but still wanting more boost and power! He surely made the right decision! 

Robert's 135i

This 135i was one of the first stage 3 turbo cars built we know, I guess the 3rd or 4th kit that was sold. Dynoed at 630 WHP with 104 octane fuel

Mods are:

BigBoost Stage 3.3
Fuel-It Port Injection
Billet Motorsport Stage 2 LPFP
Back-End Flash
Phoenix Racing Intercooler
Burger Tuning Intake

Felipe's F20 M135i

These M135is are something a lot of us would love to have but in the US we don’t get them, however in the rest of the world they also deserve some power gains and boost love! It’s putting down 500+ whp on our stage 3.3 turbo and pump 91 on a custom tune by our dealer in Colombia. It’s currently undergoing some more upgrades and will be soon hitting the strip!

Garcia's 135i

This 135i has all available upgrades on suspension, engine and exterior. The owner took really good care of it, we actually planned to take this car to the 800 HP+ range however the customer sold the car and it’s back to stock now, however it was part of the BigBoost family for about a year and a half!

David's (Active Autoweke) M2

Then there is this well-known M2, which has served as a company development car as well and has been featured in several magazines and drift and road course videos!

Active’s M2 has a lot of upgrades regarding suspension and engine, featuring their intercooler, signature exhaust with carbon tips, ECU tune and many other upgrades! 

It has been equipped with our Stage 3.2 turbo recently and it’s ready to hit the track soon!