Do Turnkey Business Websites Work?

Many people of all ages are getting started in internet marketing, the competition is heating up. You cannot turn on your computer without seeing an offer on how to make hundreds of thousands of dollars each year with your own internet marketing business. One would think that he or she is the only one who is not a millionaire at this point of time. These internet marketers all have their own secret which they would be willing to share with you for several hundred dollars. With some luck, they will even offer to mentor you for a year at a mere $1500-5000. You have to pass their screening process before being accepted. My guess is that their screening process is that you have $1500-5000 available to spend.

Sitting next to Isaac was “Jason”, a man arrested with felony drug charges who was not convicted but is in Isaac’s Slammer. Jason is trying to get his life back together but is hampered by his mug shot in getting a job. His sister was in the audience in tears, stating her brother had a great opportunity but it was ruined due to The Slammer.

First, you should search for reviews before you buy. For example, search on google “click here traffic reviews”, you will find a lot of information on good and bad resellers!

The design and content of the site are important. Are these unique or are they PLR articles on a free template? Unique content is the most valuable and a unique design adds further value.

If you think that in order to get a website online it will cost you an arm and a leg – think again! A turnkey website could cost you from as little as $25-$50. Some turnkey website sellers will also include a domain name for your website too, and also offer you a low-cost hosting solution. Learning graphic design and web coding skills can take years. A ready-made turnkey website cuts out the learning curve – because everything is already done for you. Nearly all profitable turnkey websites for sale will come with articles and content already installed. All you will need to do is a little editing to add your own voice to the website and you will be ready to start promoting.

To create an ebook, it’s very easy. You can write up a 50-page book in Microsoft Word, convert it into “PDF” format online (pdfonline), price it at around $7 to $19, and upload it to your turnkey websites that make money. Now you will have to create a sales description page to promote your product, and this takes a bit of copywriting skills. But it’s nothing you should be worried about. As long as you have a “swipe file”, you’re good to go.

If you are looking to buy a website, you need to be cautious as all websites are not created equal. Sure, you can get cookie cutter sites that are sold over and over again for very little money, but do you really want a site that thousands of other people already have? The search engines don’t like to show the same content over and over so chances are your site will be banished to the bottom of the search index (or even not included at all). Just like with anything else, when it comes to websites you really do get what you pay for!

These sites are very easy to locate as well as very affordable.The flat fee that is paid will typically include everything as well as the hosting. Anyone who is getting ready to start should find everything that they need in one central location.

Short-Term flipping is when you sell a smaller site you have made, that does not take a longtime to make. This can even be a single page site. Depending how much value you can add to it will also determine the price. Usually, for short-term flipping you will be selling the site in a shorter, easier, and faster time, but usually the site will sell for less. The advantage to this, is when you get good at making short-term sites, you can really sell a lot of them fast.

When you quit your day job, you will have so many customers that you will be working 8 hours a day as I do, but it’s all worth it – working at home or your own office with no one to answer to but yourself is worth everything in the world!

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