helium 10 use

We recently used helium 10helium 10 vs jungle scout ten to research, scale, and advertise our Amazon FBA brand for $150,000. And so in this Helium 10 Review and tutorial, we’re intending to take a deep dive into the way we make use of this tool to:

Find high-upside, low-competition merchandise ideas

Identify low hanging scale and fruit faster than competitors

Optimize listings to rank on Page one And stay THERE (We have an exceptional hack that works as a charm)

Handle refunds Every really serious seller we all know? we’re speaking 1M revenue? uses this particular suite of tools. In case you want to get on that level, you need it. But just to be fair, it’s not for everyone.

We are excited to share how this piece of equipment made every aspect of growing as well as selling the brand of ours? from investigation to retirement (kiddingsemi-retirement)? Way easier.

If we had in summary, we’d say: helium 10 review ten would be the ultimate FBA application for picking out developed your own product, scaling your operation, and managing the department store of yours from the ground up.

And so why does every seller utilize it?

The main reason serious FBA’ers use helium 10 review ten is as it can nearly all of the legwork and eliminates the guesswork from picking as well as growing an Amazon corporation.

The dashboard gives you instantaneous access to every piece of data you have to scale the small business of yours to six-figures and beyond.

It is getting harder and harder to find lucrative, low competition items. Inside FBA circles, we call these winners.

Simply look at a former winning item that’s today saturated: Gaming seats.

saturated amazon fba markets

Competing with 1,000 other sellers is TOUGH. Do you seriously think that deer rear with a bottle opener or perhaps a work surface which connects to the steering wheel of yours so that you can work while operating (this is a real product) were created by accident?

You can find two million sellers on Amazon right now. In case you would like to stick out, you need a unique angle, a new variation, or additional value to a solution that no one else has.

The only way to try and do that is boots on the soil research. We are speaking painstakingly researching niches, keywords, demand, and rivals by hand.


Getting Helium 10‘s key phrase and niche tools to instantly evaluate demand, spy on opposition, and identify low competition keyword opportunities to do it all for you. That helps you save weeks of time and who knows just how much work.

Launching a solution The correct WAY!

Amazon will no longer allows incentivized reviews, which means the #1 method to launch a new product is now worthless.

You have got to get creative to launch something & be successful, and brand new sellers ALWAYS screw this upwards (Us too).

In case you don’t know precisely the right amount of products to give away, you may not rank or perhaps make any revenue. Or worse, your whole inventory could possibly get cleaned out and today you are bound to your pants down.

Helium ten takes almost all of the danger as well as guesswork out of introducing a brand new product with Cerebro and Magnet (Much much more on these two below) by showing how many items to give away as well as which keywords to concentrate on to make most customers.