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In alchemy to describe the concept of 鈥渕ental universe鈥?we used the comparison with the dream, today we prefer the example of virtual reality (Matrix) and computer. How do we clarify this new physical impact? We must aknowledge to skeptical people got some factors in argueing that from a physical perspective the phenomenon does not square. To handle a transmutation, the alchemist must have a very sort of high-minded will and mental determination that corresponds in the physical world to 鈥渆nergy鈥?(energy is intended in the broad feeling).

My Learn of Alchemy made me satisfy my scientific dependence on sure verification, so that I understand that reality is not as determined and immutable as I was used to believe. I can be certain of what I have individually experienced, taobao agent but of training course I can not become sure about the whole Qx theory. So I understand PERFECTLY if you don’t believe me, but I must repeat what I noticed with Complete certainty. It must be understood that the thing is not real alone, but it exists in its essence as an organizational matrix upstream (superstringa).

Plasma is considered to be the 4th state of matter, therefore matter is present taobao in english the state: solid, liquid, aeriform and plasmatic. In particular, one must recognize that there is a very important catalytic wave that’s consciously or unconsciously generated by humans through their intentionality and energy. The video demonstrates the energy pulse (Tesla pulse) is definitely followed by a period (4 sec) of wave train, then there is an equally long amount of quiet and it start once again with a fresh power pulse.

The nuclear and SMOK Vaporesso Innokin et Aspire chemical substance scientists have also immediately described any imprecision and mistakes made in the public demos and Vape cosplay shop ( have emphasized this. Until after that, all the lenr and chilly fusion theories were predicated on chemical aspects, experts thought that it was necessary to introduce into the lattice more Nickel protons.