B58/B48 Throttle Body Injection kit

$670.00 $580.00


This is our ultimate B58/B48 additional fuel injection kit!

  • Faster shifting!
  • Better AFR!
  • Lower trims!
  • Cleaner intake valves!

Our kit consists on a Billet aluminum plate mounted between the chargepipe and the throttle body, a CM7 (7 gallon per hour nozzle) is inserted into the TB spacer . A quick connect fuel coupler makes getting fuel out of the main fuel tank without cutting the stock fuel line! A fuel solenoid controlled via a 15 PSI Hobbs switch allows us to inject fuel from the main fuel system into the engine using a spacer between the throttle body and the chargepipe. We got to know that the B58 DME cuts the fuel flow on gear changes when running high boost, slowing down the quarter mile by about 0.5 seconds! Our TBI kit makes shifting faster and more aggressive with high-boost settings!

  • All wiring is provided
  • All fuel lines are provided
  • 100% Bolt on!

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Weight 3 lbs

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