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viral launch review Launch features Viral Launch of course offers much more than merely industry intelligence per se. It’s a thorough analytics tool to be exact. If you liked this article and you would like to get more info pertaining to viral launch Jungle scout generously visit our page. Allow me to share its features:

Item Discovery

This is the Amazon goods finder. It enables you to search for untapped markets, find product opportunities. You can get real time historical details on Amazon’s goods catalogs. By doing this you can get more accurate sales estimates.

Industry Intelligence

This is a solution research tool which is going to help you learn historic fashion & where the market is going with it. You can view the feedback, check out the price and sales trends. It will in addition help you compute the upfront investment necessary along with the potential profit.

Keyword Research

This device works to take away all the guesswork in your SEO. Make use of their relevancy and other filters. You are able to find plenty of keywords that your competitors have failed to use. It also features an absolutely free listing builder.

Keyword Manager

Naturally, you need something more than just a tool to find keywords. You likewise have to understand the analytics of keywords and also track the feedback. This is what the keyword director is all about.

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Listing Analyzer

This tool will help you discover listing improvements you are able to make.

Listing Builder

This particular tool helps you develop keyword lists that will have the best influential and vital keywords for the product which you would like to incorporate for a product campaign.


There are four Viral Launch pricing tiers you can pick from. Each of them of course includes different capabilities. Allow me to share the rates tiers:

Beginner: $42/month The beginner tier of course is most suitable for beginners who are still looking for the first few products that they want to promote from Amazon. This’s the most affordable account that you can setup.


Industry Intelligence

Item Discovery

Competitor Intelligence

Product Idea Scores

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