BigBoost Turbo

our kits

Cast manifolds

Big Boost turbo kits come with cast iron turbo manifolds. The manifolds go through rigorous tests before being launched to the public. They are designed to look better than stock and flow at least 60% more.

Fully Bolt-On

Big Boost's turbo kits are tested to fit perfectly in the car, no need to make additional modifications to the chassis, or engine after the turbo kit is bought. They come with all the hardware needed to install the kit. 


All kits come with extremely high quality components to assure that the turbo kit will be efficient enough to produce high horsepower levels without affecting the vehicle's drivability and reliability.

our expertise

Racing technology

In all kits we include components that are known for being reliable and record setting at the tracks.


Due to the fact that we produce our own components we can bring good quality products at affordable prices.

Designing to your needs

At Big Boost we are able to design almost anything, if you have a car in which we do not have a turbo upgrade we can design it for you really fast.

Featured: N55 stage 3 turbo upgrade